Matching items

Isn't finding matching items a great part of the fun of shopping? A wallet matching your bag, or an iPhone-holder matching your iPad-cover? At Studio Depster you are very welcome to compose your own set of matching leather items!

Bag "london" € 349

All these items are available in any color or material. Matching of non-matching. Whatever you like.
Would you like to get one of these items as a business give-away? We do make these in large quantities with your personal logo on it. Contact us for the possibilties.


Wallet with small wallet within - Price € 89,95 - More information



Luggage label - Price € 12,95 - More information


Passport sleeve - Price € 14,95 - More information


iPad-sleeve "I wish I was an iPad" - Price €79,95 - More information


iPhone-sleeve "I wish I was an iPhone" - Price € 22,95 - More information


Business card holder - Price € 7,95


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