Clutch wallet

available in any colour combination

This wallet has three functions in one. Besides being ‘just’ your wallet, you may also use it as a clutch or take the little wallet with you in your smaller bag or clutch.

Contains one large pocket big enough to hold paper money, passport and phone, six card pockets and a separate coin wallet. Available in any color combination.

Price EUR 89,95 – No shipping cost!


Do you need some real customising?

Do you wish to order this item in any other colour, please inform us and follow customizing procedures: Do you need some real customizing by Depster:

1 – Chose your colour leather
2 – Chose your colour of skai leather for the inner lining (brass, silver)
3 – Chose your metal items: gold-, brass- or silver color
4 – Let us know if you want us to send you samples first.

Sounds difficult? Contact us so we can help you to make your decisions step by step. We will send you samples first!