Door stop

available in any colour
Finally a door stop that does not only look very cute and vintage, but that also works! Because of the leather or texture it will not slip on your floor. Filled with sand.

Weights 1750gr, measures 14x12x12cm.
Normal shipping rates.

Price EUR 29,95


Meet just a few of out other versions..

We also deliver these stops empty with a velcro closing, fill them yourself to minimise transportation costs

Our empty stops have a velcro closing and we deliver it with a plastic bag
Fill the doorstops yourself with sand available and save money!
Check out our video (bottom right) on how this works.

Do you need some real customising?

Do you wish to order this item in any other colour, please inform us and follow customising procedures: Do you need some real customising by Depster? Email us hose your colour of leather. Sounds difficult? We can help you by sending samples first!