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Pottery labels

available with any name

We make labels with any name in any language, f.e. cookies, rice, pasta, suiker, koffie or thee.
Single label EUR 5,95
Set of 2 labels EUR 7,95

You can also by the labels including potttery.
Large weck pot EUR 9,95
Medium weck pot EUR 8,95
Small weck pot EUR 7,97

Set of 2 large weck pots EUR 17,95
Set of 2 medium weck pots EUR 15,95
Set of 1 large + 1 medium + 1 small pot EUR 24,95


Do you need some real customising?

Do you wish to order this item in any other colour, please inform us and follow customising procedures: Do you need some real customising by Depster? Email us hose your colour of leather. Sounds difficult? We can help you by sending samples first!