Custom hand made sneakers

only a ghost pair needed

After 17 years making leather bags and accessories the time is right to add another profession to the palet. At Depster we make custom sneakers now.

We start with the soles of another, original pair of sneakers, also know as the ghost pair, which can either be a pair you already have or one we can buy for you.

You get to choose from over a hundred skins we have in our atelier, even or printed, hairy or bold, glitzy or old fashioned vegetable tanned; we have it all.

You also get to choose if you want it branded, if you would like your name or initials on or in it and what kind of laces you like.

Prices – ghost pair not included – range between EUR 300 – EUR 650, which is an introduction price.

Not within your budget? We also offer a less expensive option: check this link.

Do you need some real customising?

Do you wish to order this type of bag in any other colour, please inform us and follow customizing procedures: Do you need some real customizing by Depster:

1 – Chose your model
2 – Chose your colour leather
3 – Chose your colour of skai leather for the inner lining (brass, silver)
4 – Chose your metal items: gold-, brass- or silver color
5 – Let us know if you want us to send you samples first.

Sounds difficult? Contact us so we can help you to make your decisions step by step. We will send you samples first!